TwitchPress Roles & Capabilities

TwitchPress Roles & Capabilities

These are TwitchPress roles and capabilities being added in version 2.17, they act as permissions. Many capabilities won’t have any use without specific extensions. Some roles might be issued automatically.

Main Channel Editor

Custom Role: twitchpress_role_main_channel_editor

A channel editor isn’t automatically going to be a WordPress editor and vice-versa. You will need to issue capabilities in a more controlled manner. The purpose of these capabilities is to offer access within WordPress, to tools that access Twitch.

Channel Editor Capabilities

  • twitchpress_edit_stream_info
  • twitchpress_run_commercials
  • twitchpress_edit_video_info
  • twitchpress_upload_videos
  • twitchpress_create_events
  • twitchpress_start_reruns
  • twitchpress_start_premiers
  • twitchpress_download_past_broadcasts

Main Channel Moderator

Custom Role: twitchpress_role_main_channel_moderator

Channel Moderator Capabilities

  • twitchpress_time_out_users
  • twitchpress_ban_users
  • twitchpress_control_slow_mode
  • twitchpress_control_sub_chat_mode
  • twitchpress_control_follower_chat_mode

Main Channel VIP

Custom Role: twitchpress_role_main_channel_vip

Channel VIP Capabilities

  • twitchpress_no_slow_mode
  • twitchpress_sub_only
  • twitchpress_followers_only
  • twitchpress_all_chat_rooms
  • twitchpress_chat_links

TwitchPress Developer

Custom Role: twitchpressdeveloper

This was the first custom role and capabilities – adding during the prototyping days of the project. The idea is for site owners to grant this permission to anyone they invite to do to work on their website, granting them special access to TwitchPress developer tools.

TwitchPress Developer Capabilities

  • twitchpress_developer
  • code_twitchpress
  • twitchpressdevelopertoolbar

Twitch Subscriber Plan-One and Prime (main channel)

Custom Role: twitchpress_role_subplan_1000

Twitch Subscriber Plan-Two (main channel)

Custom Role: twitchpress_role_subplan_2000

Twitch Subscriber Plan-Three (main channel)

Custom Role: twitchpress_role_subplan_3000