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Shortcode Not Working -Shortcode Showing Instead of Content

Shortcode Not Working -Shortcode Showing Instead of Content

While testing many short-codes all at once I run into a self-made problem that could happen to anyone. When pasting shortcodes the WordPress block-editor applied code-blocks automatically. This happened on multiple pages I was creating quickly and on visiting the front-end I found none of the short-codes worked.

Example of a WordPress shortcode in a code-block.

You can tell the shortcode in the image is in a code-block because it has an outline. If you see this on your site, you need to remove the code-block and try again.

Channel List Shortcode (Pro)

Channel List Shortcode (Pro)

The channel list shortcode displays a single stack of Twitch.tv channels…with style. This is a highly flexible shortcode with a lot of development potential when the options available aren’t enough for your needs.

Pro Upgrade Required

You must have the pro upgrade installed to use this shortcode. The upgrade is a reward for supporting the project – it is not for sale. Read more about TwitchPress Pro and also consider joining the projects Discord server for more information.


If you don’t see an example that suits your needs. Please come to the projects Discord and discuss your project.

Stream Team

List a the giving members of a stream team. The default content for this shortcode is also a stream-team. To replace the default content we need to add the type and team parameters.

[twitchpress_shortcodes type="team" team="test" shortcode="channel_list" refresh="60"]


The giving example of ordering channels uses “name” but we can pass any string (word) that matches one of the values for a channel.

[twitchpress_shortcodes shortcode="channel_list" orderby="name" refresh="2"]

Online/Offline Only

Take care with the “display” attribute and consider what happens when no-channels are online. Additional attributes may need to be considered to ensure there is always content.

[twitchpress_shortcodes shortcode="channel_list" orderby="name" refresh="2" display="online"]