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Smoother Setup Wizard in 1.2.2

Smoother Setup Wizard in 1.2.2

I had not long begun working on the next version of TwitchPress when I was contacted by thatgirlslays regarding a fault. She posted on the plugins forum with a bug report that explained difficulties during the Setup Wizard.

Twitch ThatGirlSlays TwitchPress Plugin User.png

Version 1.2.2 focuses on improving the Setup Wizard. Apart from actual fixes, there is a change in the styling. I replaced the original green with a purple, making the wizard appear very…Twitch!

Change Log

  • DEV – Notices class improved to allow easier creation of all class (color) of notices
  • DEV – Changed Senior Developer role (seniordeveloper) to TwitchPress Developer (twitchpressdeveloper)
  • DEV – The code_twitchpress capability is no longer applied to administrators on installation
  • DEV – New “twitchpressdevelopertoolbar” capability added and is only assigned to the administrator with ID:1 and TwitchPress Developers
  • NEW – TwitchPress Developers toolbar now available. It will only show for users with “TwitchPress Developer” role or custom capability applied to an admin account
  • NEW – Toolbar option for uninstalling all TwitchPress options
  • DEV – Renamed twitchpress_main_channel to twitchpress_main_channel_name
  • DEV – New option “twitchpress_main_channel_id”
  • FIX – Channel does not exist situation reported 27th June fixed 28th June.
  • FIX – Channel does not exist situation reported 27th June fixed 28th June
  • DEV – Notice will now appear when API credentials are missing, encouraging user to complete the Setup Wizard
  • DEV – Added esc_url() to second_level_configuration_options()
  • DEV – Setup Wizard green styling replaced with purple

New Developer Toolbar

The Developer Toolbar is a feature for anyone improving the plugin or testing/debugging it. The toolbar doesn’t offer a lot in this plugin but I use the same feature in other plugins and eventually pack them full of quick tools.

Next Update Coming Soon

Today’s release as part of a two-week sprint to deliver the plugins first extension. The extension will bridge TwitchPress and Ultimate Members. It is a response to a request by a Twitch streamer who gets over 2000 viewers when he goes live and he has over 5 million channel views.

The purpose of the extension will be to apply UM membership levels based on a visitors (WP user) Twitch subscription level. Twitch offers three levels of subscription and my new client wants to offer different levels of access to his WordPress site based on how big a fan a person is.