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Channel Not Confirmed

Channel Not Confirmed

This error was meant to indicate that the giving channel has not been entered properly but right now it also appears if the user_read permission has not been granted in scopes.

In April 2018 two users complained about seeing this notice after a plugin update. The solution is to complete the Setup Wizard again and apply user_read, unless the spelling of the channel is the issue.

TwitchPress Channel Not Confirmed

Check Plugin Configuration

Check Plugin Configuration

The plugin already runs some tests, per page request, while you’re on the administration side and requesting any TwitchPress view. The tests results can be found in the Help tab, while you’re on any of the plugins own views.

TwitchPress Troubleshooting open Help tab
Open the standard WP Help tab to see information (some tools) that apply to all views. 
TwitchPress troubleshooting Help tab
You will find a group of Status sections in the Help tab.
TwitchPress User Status you do not have a token
You’re own Twitch account authorization and permissions are tested in the User Status section.


TwitchPress User Status ready setup working
This is how the User Status section will look once you complete the Setup Wizard.


TwitchPress App Status no application token not ready
The status of your Twitch app credentials can be viewed in the App Status section.


TwitchPress App Status ready working setup
Now we see that app credentials have been entered into the Setup Wizard or Settings page.


TwitchPress Channel Status no channel token found
This section tests the main channel, the official channel, probably you’re own channel.



Various tests are performed to try different areas of the plugin. Each missing or incorrect value requires a different approach to troubleshooting. So don’t get carried away trying to make the plugin work, without being pointed in the right direction by another guide or by asking me!

The one possible fix that you can try for all scenarios is completing the Setup Wizard again. You will find a button to start that in the Installation section of the Help tab you’ve just been looking at above.