Public Testing

This project currently relies heavily on community involvement. These public testing arrangements are intended for repeat use i.e. each time a major version is due for release. It is my intention to follow my own rules and delay any release until the community has helped to fulfil the requirements below.

Step 1: Get Started

Download the latest beta version from Discord or GitHub – it will contain the core plugin and all extensions. I refer to this bundle as the TwitchPress System when it is installed.

Use the source that you prefer to work with, most will use Discord because progress is discussed there anyway. GitHub is not as straight-forward because the repositories contain an entire installation of WordPress. This is to aid testing within specific versions of WordPress. You don’t need to be concerned with the WP version.

Please use the download on a fresh installation of WordPress and not your live site!

Step 2: Check Team Progress

There might be many features that need to be tested and all tasks need to be cleared before the new version can be released. You can check our progress in the Discord “#testing” channel and choose an incomplete task from the latest pinned message.

Step 3: Perform Specific Test

It is important that you follow any instructions giving else the test may not make use of the code that has changed. If in doubt, ask for more instruction.

If you know how to please activate error display and debugging features. You will see a lot more negative output if something goes wrong and the output is crucial when fixing the bug.

Step 4: Submit Results

Submit the results of your test in the #testing channel and you can keep it very short if everything went well. Videos are brilliant, especially if things go wrong but it’s but please set them too “Unlisted” so they do not appear in YouTube search results i.e. when users are searching for tutorials.

Your servers/hosting error log for PHP can also be a lot of help to us when investigating a fault. You will normally get access to the log through your hosting control panel. If you have activated error display and debugging within TwitchPress then the WP log will be used. That log can be found in the wp-content directory.