I’ve kept the tier information on very simple, so here is a little more information for anyone who is unsure.

T1: Unlock Discord for $1 (per month)

Hundreds of unpaid hours have already gone into our free WordPress plugin. This tier offers the opportunity to increase your support level for the free plugin by accessing the TwitchPress community.

Consider using the free plugins official forum here at

T2: TwitchPress Pro for $5 (per month)

Unlock the Backers Support section in Discord, the chats I always check first and give priority support in. This is where you’ll be able to download new versions on demand, including beta versions with exciting experimental features.

T3: TwitchPress Services

Services are currently limited to the expediting GitHub issues. This basically means that you can request existing issues to be done urgently. If your requirements aren’t already laid out clearly in an existing issue, you can create one. It will be reviewed with the possibility of rejection, due to it being duplicate or far outside the scope/purpose of the plugin.

If your new issue is accepted, it will also be moved near the top of the list. Issues above it (to be done first) might be required work, that your requested change/feature depends on. You can monitor progress on GitHub and request updates in Discord if you feel there aren’t enough or you missed my posts.