Release Schedule

In actual technical terms, not every release is a patch and understanding this will help when deciding to update TwitchPress…or not, because we don’t always need to update a plugin. TwitchPress versions are managed using Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 which involve a sort of large, medium and small (patch) software release.

Releases are scheduled as of September 2019, information on this below along with an explanation on how versioning works.

Version Increments

Major – are the biggest releases with many new features becoming available. So 1.0.0 becomes 2.0.0 and this single digit change indicates a lot of work has been done. These releases should be well tested before updating.

Minor – these are usually packed with improvements to existing features and they increase the second digit, with 1.5.0 becoming 1.6.0 within a short period of time i.e. a monthly basis.

Patch – patches are indicated by the third number and this can change multiple times per week i.e. 1.6.12 becomes 1.6.19 almost over-night. These are released on demand, usually with bug fixes.

TwitchPress Release Schedule

As of September 2019 the project will adhere to a schedule. Reminders on, Twitter and Discord will fall into this schedule so be sure to follow and avoid blocking all the right channels/pages etc.

Major Releases

A major release will be packed with new features. I will aim to release these versions between 1st February and 30th November to avoid complications during the festive period when we’re not all in the office.

Minor Releases

Expect a minor release to come at the end of the month. These will usually have a mix of fixes, changes to CSS, spelling corrections, and feature improvements such as additional settings or better output.


Patches could come anytime and will have bug fixes or security improvements. Most patches will be delivered by because the core plugin is hosted there as an open-source project. Pro-Edition changes must be handled manually.