Get excited because you are about to discover that you have even more super-powers! Your extra powers will allow you to take control of your Twitch community and impress all your viewers. These new abilities come in the form of WordPress plugins that act as extensions for the core plugin. Start adding more Twitch.tv powered fun today.

Extension List

Some extensions in this list are still in development or waiting for funding to begin development. The smallest contribution can kick-start an extension so don’t be disappointed and become a Patreon.com member today, then make your extension request.

Project Status Extension Name Links
Alpha Developer Tools View ExtensionGitHub
Ready Ultimate Member View ExtensionGitHub
Ready Official Sync View ExtensionGitHub
Ready Twitch Login View ExtensionGitHub
Ready Embed Everything View ExtensionGitHub
Alpha DeepBot View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Streamtip View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Discord View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Streamlabs View ExtensionGitHub
Ready Subscriber Management View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Patreon.com View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Twitch IRC Chat Bot View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Game Content View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Teams View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Xbox View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Steam View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding YouTube View ExtensionGitHub
No Funding Reddit View ExtensionGitHub

Create An Extension

Developers will be happy to know that I took early steps to help them build a Twitch plugin for WordPress. I take it seriously and want to provide support.

I offer a boilerplate plugin that has been built with the key values and functions that make it an extension for TwitchPress – rather than a standalone plugin. You will avoid early mistakes and save time by using the boilerplate offered here on GitHub.

Those of you who are not developers may find that hiring a developer to create a Twitch plugin is far cheaper because I’ve already done months of unpaid work – don’t forget my contribution when you’re a big success!

Request New Extensions

There is no limit to the integration we can do with third-party WordPress plugins and themes. Try not to constrain the development of your website to what is already offered by this project and make requests.

You can influence development by expressing your own feature requirements that may even be added to existing extensions, quickly! Please do that by creating a new issue on GitHub or visit me on Discord where you can discuss it with the entire community.

If you require urgency, you should contact me directly to discuss what is normally a very small fee – depending on the agreed terms.