User Meta Keys

User Meta Keys

A list of user meta keys that you might find in your WordPress database after installing my Channel Solution for Twitch plugin or any of its extensions. The data added to a users profile creates many opportunities to integrate with other plugins or just create new content for your blog.


These are user-meta keys that are usually added to the database before any extensions are installed.

  1. twitchpress_email
  2. twitchpress_sync_time
  3. twitchpress_auth_time
  4. twitchpress_token
  5. twitchpress_token_refresh
  6. twitchpress_twitch_id
  7. twitchpress_code
  8. twitchpress_substatus_mainchannel
  9. ‘twitchpress_sub_plan_’ . $twitch_channel_id
  10. ‘twitchpress_sub_plan_name_’ . $twitch_channel_id


These are user-meta keys that are added to the database through official extensions. This project has not reached the stage of unofficial extensions being created. If any are created, I will be keen to document them here.

Official Streamlabs Extension

  1. twitchpress_streamlabs_code
  2. twitchpress_streamlabs_token

Third-Party Plugins and Themes

These are the user meta keys installed by third-parties and are used by the TwitchPress system for integration purposes.

Ultimate Members Plugin

  1. role