Custom Post Types

Although you will see these custom-post-types in the WP admin – most of the enhanced features discussed below are still in development.

The core plugin offers customized posts that are part of larger systems. The pro-edition will enhance those custom post-types and the systems they are part of. The core (provided by focuses on maintaining a foundation for Twitch/WordPress developers to customize as per the GNU license. The pro-edition (a reward/perk that is not for direct sale) will add highly requested features to those post-types and systems.

Channel Posts

Technical Goal: The technical goal for channel posts is the efficient storage of channel data that has a long term purpose on your website, even if only in the administration side of WordPress for the purpose of supporting your live-streaming operation or a gaming related business that wants to associate customers with their channel.

Feature Example: The type of feature this post-type aims to support includes the ability to give backers/subscribers/teams their own page (displaying their channel information and live-stream). We can take it further by permitting users to edit their own page and there are many other perks we can offer through this system.

Developer Comment: By using the WP core to store channels as posts. We can also use any plugin that manages posts to manage massive numbers of channels and display channels in a lot of different ways. Just make sure your within the terms accepted by all developers when it comes to data storage and your intended use for it.

Perk Posts (In-Development)

Technical Goal: My idea is to give streamers a place to manage the additional perks outside of the platform, especially when they are related to the website. Perks will double as a permissions system and eventually be fully-automated. There is a fair bit of work still to complete for all of this to happen.

Feature Example: Making a post per perk allows the perks information, terms and possibly public owners of the perk to be displayed on the post. This is a very basic example though. Other examples include the ability to download a file, view a series of tutorial videos for a limited time (requiring purchase afterwards) and even additional chat abilities on itself.

Developer Comments: There is a lot of work to be done to make perks a valuable system for the biggest channels. Until then, any streamer might find a use for the ability to create and automate this form of reward. You need to let me know you want…and back the project a little so I can put the time in.

Giveaway Posts (In-Development)

A giveaway system on your own website means you no longer need to send a lot of traffic to another site, that is the ultimate goal and the work to make it happen has begun.

Technical Goal: Management of giveaways is the easy and obvious goal thanks to everything WP offers by default. The additional goal is 100% automated giveaways, live-chat reminders (links posted by bot running in WordPress), automatic winner notification and social-network requirements as other services do. This could be handy for running giveaways while offline and all the while, the traffic goes from to your own website.

Feature Example: In terms of actual features. I’d like all the usual stuff like spin-the-wheel to determine an instant winner, mini-games of various forms where visitors play to win entries, refer a friend scheme for additional entries and even spending Twitch points for additional entries – even if the channel isn’t live.

Developer Comment: a stable, reliable and fun giveaway system could make be a reason to setup a WordPress site on it’s own. The idea of being able to cut-out other services and build up traffic to our own sites is exciting. Each participant may re-visit your site multiple times while monitoring their entry level in the competition and eventually to discover who has won. This is a massive opportunity to advertise your sponsors and send traffic to more of your content.