Everyone who contributes to the TwitchPress project will be listed here and I urge you to take time to visit them. They are generous and dedicated to their Twitch channels. In time I hope to offer more to contributors i.e. advertise their Twitch and YouTube channels. If you are interested in backing the project please see my profile.


A dedicated member who has pledged for multiple months now. This kind of gratitude and support will continue to encourage me. I hope to repay Scarecr0w12 with the total value of money pledged and more!

Go to Scarecr0w12 on Twitch


Nookyyy, made a large financial contribution to the project in 2017 when it was all still very new. His support allowed me to make massive progress and create the Ultimate Member extension. I doubt anyone will donate more than he did anytime soon. He also gave around 50 hours of his free-time to test and troubleshoot some complex issues during the core plugins early development.

Go to Nookyyy on Twitch

Froggie (GamingFroggie)

We barely got over our hangovers from New Year celebrations when Froggie donated. What a great start to 2018! Froggie requested priority development on the DeepBot extension I already planned on GitHub.

Go to GamingFroggie on Twitch


Not long after Froggie, ImChrisP sends me some PayPal love! I was already working on an issue with the Ultimate Member plugin for him, without great progress due to the lack of access to a channel with subscription program. ImChrisP then gave me access to a test site with a partnered Twitch account to do some short-term testing. These are the kind of contributions that will ensure the project thrives.

Go to Imchrisp on Twitch

Martin Dean

One of the projects first patrons and he continues to pay monthly. All I ask is a single dollar with the hope of receiving it from many, to cover my basic costs. Martin’s obviously believes in the project and my goals.

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