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Is it easy to upgrade from Free to Pro edition?

Yes, it is easy to upgrade the free-edition from with the professional edition. This does not apply to custom changes to the free core or features added using extensions.

Here are some factors you should know…

  • The free edition plugin folder is named “channel-solution-for-twitch”
  • The pro edition folder is named “twitchpress”
  • Both plugins share the same WordPress options
  • Both plugins use the same Twitch API credentials
  • Only the free edition uses extensions
  • The pro edition replaces extensions with an internal/core approach
  • In theory, both plugins can be active at the same time, in theory!
  • Do not use both plugins at the same time!

Feature Disabled

This FAQ answer is being added while the pro edition is still new. There will likely be scenarios where a feature becomes disabled because the pro edition has expanded and requires more configuration.

There is also a slight possibility that a feature offered in the free edition is no longer the same – through constant updates over a few years. Maybe to a point where a user thinks that the original feature (in free edition) has been removed completely from the professional one. This should never happen and I’d want to rectify the lack of such a feature in my product especially because it would make upgrading appear more difficult than I claim.