About the Channel Solution for Twitch

About the Channel Solution for Twitch

The plugin began as the Channel Solution for Twitch and it is the best Twitch.tv plugin for WordPress. The project’s codename is TwitchPress, much easier to remember! I’ll be using both terms to describe my WordPress plugin for Twitch.

Core Purpose

The core plugin, without extensions, offers to synchronize your Twitch feed and WordPress blog. Settings existing to control the behavior of the synchronizing. A keen team of gamers can be encouraged to blog from their clan/guild websites when wishing to update their Twitch channel feeds. That approach means that content begins where Google will rank it better, it can be categorized, tagged, enhanced with media and shared socially. Then it reaches Twitch.

Extendable Purpose

The plugin can be extended. Extensions are just WP plugins but they are designed to work with the core plugin, they do nothing on their own. That doesn’t mean a normal plugin cannot be prepared for integration too.

What is important to realize, is your ability to setup unique and custom WP installations. Extensions are quick and easy to create. That means if your not a developer, it won’t cost you much to hire one and get the features you need. You can grow a gaming site that makes full use of the Twitch API. If your not familiar with the Twitch API and the power it offers. Just consider all the features offered on sites like BraneBot and ask yourself, “Which of those features do I want on my own site, with full control over the exact way it works?”.