TwitchPress Pro Beta 0.0.2

The professional edition of TwitchPress Beta can be downloaded from and Discord (backers only). The pro edition has changed in ways not everyone will see i.e. the code has evolved while I try different approaches used in the free edition and it should lead to better performance.

The freely downloadable plugin will continue to improve but my work will focus on performance and bugs with very little new features being added unless I’m paid to do so. The free edition will always have basic support with respect to the and communities.

Request Beta 0.0.3

Already, version 0.0.3 offers something new in the form of a sensible shortcode. The sensibility of this shortcode comes from two factors. The first is that it has been designed in a generic way, where other shortcodes are very close to what has been requested by specific users. The new shortcode taps into an object of many values and makes each value available as an individual output. Rather than a design that includes difficult to customize output i.e. HTML is included that might not suit everyone’s needs.

The second factor relates to the fact that the new shortcode can be used many times on a single page, without making many calls to Twitch API. This is nothing special, I’ve not done anything technically clever and this type of shortcode is a natural approach within a plugin like this. What makes it interesting is how long it has taking for this to be done, simply because I’ve been wrapped up in finishing other things within the project and completing the features I was hired to create.

So now, we’ll begin to see a plugin that adds a wealth of content to pages. This will trickle down to the free edition just a little but the pro edition will offer far more.

Feel free to request 0.0.3 if you ever backed** the project.

* * All funds raised through or donations will be spent on the project and achieving a professional solution that can only be done with funding. This is not for-profit.