TwitchPress Pro Coming Soon!

TwitchPress Pro Coming Soon!

Today, I announced the development of a professional edition, in the projects Discord. No price has been decided, anyone who has supported me will get temporary access to the new project and anyone who has financially supported the project will get lifetime access.

Development is already underway (it’s simple at this stage) and it changes the course of the free edition, which will basically be rounded-off and any areas where systems were expected to expand will now be brought to a finished state.

New Features

The pro edition will gain all newly developed features from here on. The free edition will focus on being a good core to a bigger system, much like a boilerplate for projects.

Free Edition Roll-back

Roll-back will only happen with code that isn’t in use or hasn’t been improved enough to be of common use i.e. some of the (never used by users) debugging options and the PHP code that goes with them. This will reduce the size of the package and make the plugin easier for users. I can compact settings and reduce the number of screens which means less searching/clicking for the right option.

No visual features will be rolled back and so nothing will change for visitors to the site.

Backers and Contributors

Those who funded my development or provided support will have unlimited access to the premium edition. This isn’t solely because these users have paid but because they have carried out a lot of testing and will continue to be the first in line when new versions are released.

The premium edition will also be temporarily available on GitHub while it is being developed. The functionality offered by extensions will be imported into the new plugin. This has many benefits but so does an extension system for a free plugin because the free core can be trusted to stay as it is, allowing developers to stay familiar with it over months and years.