Month: June 2018

New Role-Update Approach

New Role-Update Approach

A change to the Ultimate Member plugin has required an important, one-time change in the TwitchPress UM Extension. It involves removing/applying standard WordPress roles to a user who subscribes to the main Twitch channel. I’m not blogging about the way, I’m just making a quick post to help remind you and even myself how this now works.

Remove Many Roles

To handle the rare event of a user having more than one WordPress role that is paired with Twitch subscription plans, we remove them all. The issue here is that a role might be required by a user for purposes, probably not going to happen for most gaming websites though. I’m just blogging to help us troubleshooting if someone has a big issue with it.

TwitchPress Ultimate Members Extension new role sync changes June 2018

The PHP in this above shows that the UM extension will loop through all of a users roles (they will usually have a single role) which are also paired with Twitch subscription plans. In theory, this should never be required but is a precaution to prevent a situation where users are granted multiple roles within the TwitchPress system.