Month: December 2017

DeepBot Extension Coming Soon!

DeepBot Extension Coming Soon!

Some of you have requested integration with third-party services. YouTube, Twitter, Steam, and DeepBot are among those requests. I created new GitHub issues for each feature and you can view the DeepBot issue here if you wish to give you input or follow the issue for updates.

DeepBot API Client-Websocket

Documentation for the DeepBot API Client-WebSocket can be found here on GitHub. Initial features will involve getting data and displaying data on WordPress. This is the approach I will take with all API as it ensures a period of use/testing before going into a more advanced phase.


Froggie has shown interest in funding the startup of this extension. It is this dedication that helps the TwitchPress system take leaps forward as it ensures I can spend more time on the project. Fee’s I charge only cover my costs. If you are also interested in backing this extension directly you can make a small payment with my guarantee of extra features being added with priority.



Is an example list of websites a good idea?

Recently someone tweeted me and asked if I could point them to a list of WordPress sites already using Twitch. I told them that I didn’t like such lists. I have never believed in disclosing what makes a site do what it does without permission.

Hackers Hit-List

Some if the most popular plugins have had serious security breaches and they are often developed by teams. I have no idea if hackers have ever used a list of example WordPress sites to quickly find their next target. That is what I vision them doing with such a list.


I will consider an alternative approach. One idea is to display a single example site here on the projects blog. Every 24 hours the example would change to another site. This would expose your sites to the Twitch community without making it easier for hackers.

Permission Required

I will still require permission to display your website in a way that tells others what plugins you have in installed. I will contact people directly