Month: August 2017

TwitchPress Change Logs for Version 1.2

TwitchPress Change Logs for Version 1.2

The latest core version is 1.3.0 and I’ll soon sprint through some of the issues on GitHub. I will be paying attention to requests from users. First I need to finish getting a range of extensions playing nicely together because right now, they aren’t.

Change Log from readme.txt

Here are the changes from recent versions in recent weeks.

= 1.2.9 =
* FIX – Setup Wizard redirection problem fixed.

= 1.2.8 =
* FIX – generate_authorization_url_admin() was still in use during Setup Wizard.

= 1.2.7 =
* FIX – multitool_clean() function replaced with twitchpress_clean().
* DEV – Tools page loads differently and potentially fixed bugs.
* DEV – The Help tab now displays on all of the plugins views.
* FIX – Added missing method related to automatic installation of plugins during Setup Wizard.
* FIX – Extensions now downloading from during Setup Wizard.
* NEW – Advanced options category on the General settings view.
* NEW – Option on the advanced options view for switching error display on and off.
* INF – The new error display option is the same switch found in tools – they share the same value.
* DEV – generate_authorization_url_public() removed.
* DEV – generate_authorization_url_admin() renamed to generate_authorization_url()
* DEV – generate_authorization_url() now creates a random 14 character value for populating scope value.
* INF – Plugin now uses scope value to obtain information about the visitor and the oAuth2 request scenario.
* DEV – administrator_main_account_listener() no longer generates notice if error return by Twitch.
* INF – This change is to prevent the spamming of a URL with error parameter in it.

= 1.2.6 =
* NEW – Service Switches options added.
* DEV – More changes made to accomodate the new Ultimate Member extension.
* DEV – Setup Wizard now checks for an existing channel post before attempting to create one.

= 1.2.5 =
* FIX – Option category menus broken as they were still pointing to “twitchpress-settings” slug.

= 1.2.4 =
* FIX – Forwarding URL in start_twitch_session_admin() was causing a blank settings area in Twitch API tab.
* DEV – class.twitchpress-settings-kraken.php improved to allow extension to add section.
* DEV – New twitchpress_is_user_authorized() function makes it easier for all extensions to check the same user meta values for an authorized Twitch session.
* DEV – TwitchPress Sync Extension BETA added to list of plugins for quick install during Setup Wizard.
* DEV – As a temporary approach the sites official (default) Twitch account is applied as the WP users own account i.e. their personal use of the site will use that same account, their WP profile will display data from that channel.
* NEW – General settings page.
* NEW – Option to delete everything including data, when plugin is deleted. See Plugin Removal section in General Settings.
* DEV – Now including background-process.php and async-request.php in the main file.
* DEV – Plugin menu is loaded differently: in a manner that allows multiple post types to be added to it.
* NEW – Channels custom post type. This will be a method of managing channels with the option of displaying them.
* DEV – Channel feed sync to WordPress is much better with a more complex connection between posts, channels and owners.
* DEV – Activating the channel to WordPress feed syncing will now create a new CRON job (scheduled task).
* DEV – Removed option for updating Twitch feed entries pending further development.
* DEV – Removed option for updating WordPress posts when a Twitch feed item changes, pending further development.
* DEV – A few lines removed from developertoolbar_uninstall_settings() whicch did not appear to have a purpose.
* FIX – Function twitchpress_returning_url_nonced() now builds URL in a way that allows nonce check to pass.
* DEV – Removed the mainviews folder and contents deleted as it was not yet in use.
* NEW – New Tools view – created using a WordPress core table for an approach that allows endless expansion.
* DEV – Channel feed item ID is now queried straight after WordPress posts to Twitch and the item ID is stored in the original posts meta under “twitchpress_feed_item_id”

= 1.2.3 =
* DEV – TwitchPress_Settings_Permissions renamed to TwitchPress_Settings_Permissions
* DEV – Default footer message will no longer be displayed.
* DEV – New settings views are being added, they will be hidden until active extensions require them.
* DEV – Internationalizing (i18n) files added for the first time.
* DEV – Updated scopes description to insist on strict selection of required scopes only.
* DEV – get_global_accepted_scopes() had a “twitch_scope” string changed to “twitchpress_scope”.
* DEV – CSV 2 POST plugin removed from extensions list.
* DEV – The first official extension “TwitchPress Login Extension” added to extensions list.
* DEV – New function twitchpress_validate_code() applied to administrator_main_account_listener().
* DEV – Applied “$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’] !== ‘GET'” to $_GET listeners.
* DEV – Updated user-friendly descriptions in scopes().
* DEV – added “openid” scope to the scopes() function.
* DEV – The $twitch_scopes variable has been updated with openid in TWITCHPRESS_Kraken5_Interface()
* DEV – Removed the getUserObject() function which has never been used and is no longer usable.

= 1.2.2 =
* DEV – Notices class improved to allow easier creation of all class (color) of notices.
* DEV – Changed Senior Developer role (seniordeveloper) to TwitchPress Developer (twitchpressdeveloper)
* DEV – The code_twitchpress capability is no longer applied to administrators on installation.
* DEV – New twitchpressdevelopertoolbar capability added and is only assigned to the administrator with ID:1 and TwitchPress Developers.
* NEW – TwitchPress Developers toolbar now available. It will only show for users with “TwitchPress Developer” role or custom capability applied to an admin account.
* NEW – Toolbar option for uninstalling all TwitchPress options.
* DEV – Renamed twitchpress_main_channel to twitchpress_main_channel_name
* DEV – New option “twitchpress_main_channel_id”
* FIX – Channel does not exist situation reported 27th June fixed 28th June.
* DEV – Notice will now appear when API credentials are missing, encouraging user to complete the Setup Wizard.
* DEV – Added esc_url() to second_level_configuration_options()
* DEV – Setup Wizard green styling replaced with purple.

= 1.2.1 =
* FIX – Incorrect class name prevented plugin activation.

= 1.2.0 =
* NEW – Setup wizard making installation clearer and more professional.
* NEW – Extensions system so developers can add features quickly.
* NEW – Settings pages now use the WordPress Options API.
* VER – Twitch API Kraken Version 5 now supported.