New Tools View

New Tools View

I’ve just added a new view to TwitchPress for tools. The design involves the use of a WordPress table, with information about each tool and a button (sometimes two). The idea is simple, quick, easy and accessible actions that do something specific.

Ideas Taking from Multitool

The approach of offering tools in a table was copied from the Multitool plugin (another one of my projects) which offers Quick Tools, Configuration Tools, and Advanced Tools. I’ve taken the Quick Tools view and will offer advanced tools also. Advanced tools take users through a step-by-step process

Advanced tools take users through a step-by-step process in a way that allows users to focus on each form. Each step in the process is hidden until required, so there is no clutter on the interface confusing users. This is not ready, but it will come if TwitchPress is popular enough.

Extendable by Extensions

One of the great things about the use of a table to present many actions is the extendability. It is possible for any number of extensions to add any number of tools, without causing clutter on the interface or even a UI that visually grows. Instead, users will see the same familiar table, even when their Twitch services expand. Users simply need to perform a search for the tool they need.

This is yet another element of the TwitchPress plugin that will allow developers to create a seamless experience between the services and tools added to their own custom site.

We can easily add tool categories and I’ll eventually add the ability to favorite tools so that they appear first in the table. That is a feature planned for Multitool and will be copied over to TwitchPress.



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