New Twitch Channel Directory and Display Potential

New Twitch Channel Directory and Display Potential

Today I added a new custom post type to the TwitchPress plugin for Channels. We can enter new channels manually and if we install TwitchPress Login Extension a channel can be added automatically. As I said, it was only added today so this is all WIP.

The primary purpose of the core plugin is sharing posts to Twitch channel feeds and importing them. The second purpose is to act as the foundation, the core, to a much larger and endlessly expanding Twitch suite. The new custom post type will offer a multi-purpose solution for profiling channels.

Channel Settings Using Post-Meta

Using post meta we can add custom settings on a per channel basis. This could be settings related to how TwitchPress interacts with the channel through Kraken (Twitch API) or how our theme displays the channel should we list them publicly. The extension will easily add and use post meta as settings to do whatever an extension needs to do.

Channel Sorting Using Taxonomies

I know does a good job of adding meaning to a channel and the host can change the game or title based on what they are doing at any time. We can go further and add every game played on a channel, to the channel post. We could use this to add a channel to many categories i.e. game genres, games, events and creative. We could go even further and create a taxonomy to help us understand a channels style i.e. competitions, giveaways and possibly even a popularity score. These are all just ideas but we could create TwitchPress extensions that offer such features, easily.

Display Channels Using Theme Templates

Lastly, we can obviously display channel posts for the public to see. This is optional (pending the actual settings) and by default, they are hidden. In theory, we could create directories of Twitch channels and I can think of a few good reasons to do this. One of the more obvious is to display a teams channels. You could also offer subscribers the ability to add their own channel to your collection, essentially giving them a public page on your website. Maybe you want to create a massive directory of thousands of channels.

All you need to do is add a new file to your theme which displays the custom post type. Again, let me remind you that these are ideas if you like them you need to ask for them and support the project. The beauty is that your template for displaying channels can be as simple or as advanced as you like. You can embed the channel, embed the channel’s chat and a lot more. The question is, can you come up with an approach that suits your audience, your community and attracts users to use your site?

Ideas Need Support

Twitch plugin for WordPress

Those are the easy ideas, I have plenty bigger ones, some potential money makers and I do share my big ideas with people who share with me.

I look after four children 24 hours a day, yet here I am producing something for the WordPress and Twitch community without any pay. Can you imagine the juggling that requires? So I’m not afraid to ask for your support, in every-way you can provide it, to make this project a success.

Support the TwitchPress project now, simply by sharing this post with other streamers.


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