TwitchPress System Version 2.0.3 Beta

It is time to test the core plugin and all extensions. This post is being published in a new blog category and is part of a new approach to encourage community involvement. The testing of such a large and fast-growing project is tough work for a solo developer. I cannot reproduce every environment that the plugin will be installed on i.e. different server settings, different versions of WordPress, themes and third-party plugins all make up a unique environment for testing within.

Download and Install

Do not upload the entire zip file using the WordPress admin, it contains multiple plugins. You will need to copy the plugin folders into your WordPress installation. Put them in the “wp-content/plugins” directory.

Download the TwitchPress System from GitHub (beta branch) or from Discord #testing channel.

Setup Error and Logging Services

The standard testing procedure will involve activating error display and debug. We need to see errors, record or screenshot them and send log files to the rest of the team. So be ready to generate useful information that will help developers make changes quickly.

Go here to read about how to approach debugging in a simple way within the TwitchPress project.

Beta Testing Tasks

These are the features and procedures that need to be tested.  Please communicate within the projects Discord rather than comment here when making your way through these tasks. Comment here only for more information to be added or updated on this post, please.

Task A: Activation

On a fresh installation of WordPress (do it live at your own risk) please activate the core TwitchPress plugin and then all extensions, one at a time. I need to see two confirmations that activation goes smoothly.

Task B: Ultimate Members Subscription Sync

The third-party UM plugin had some key changes made to it. The UM extension that integrates TwitchPress with the UM plugin has been updated. We need to ensure that WordPress users Twitch subscription is synced with WP and the user is giving the appropriate UM role. This requires the use of the UM extension settings for assigning a UM role to each sub plan.

Task C: New Streamlabs Extension

This new extension takes the project to a new level because we are now working with another API and require constant syncing of data from a service other than Twitch. This means we need advanced queue management and asynchronous execution of tasks. In short, it’s a busy little system that needs to be done right to ensure our WP blogs run as good as the services we use.

This task involves using a shortcode that displays a visitors Streamlabs points for the main channel. Like every feature, it worked for me, but it is never that simple. Paste the following shortcode into a test page and display another user’s points by logging in as another user: [twitchpress_streamlabs_current_users_points]

This shortcode is intended for use on views that are “current user” related i.e. my profile edit. This shortcode is not for use on a public page as none logged in users would cause it to display.


New Role-Update Approach

New Role-Update Approach

A change to the Ultimate Member plugin has required an important, one-time change in the TwitchPress UM Extension. It involves removing/applying standard WordPress roles to a user who subscribes to the main Twitch channel. I’m not blogging about the way, I’m just making a quick post to help remind you and even myself how this now works.

Remove Many Roles

To handle the rare event of a user having more than one WordPress role that is paired with Twitch subscription plans, we remove them all. The issue here is that a role might be required by a user for purposes, probably not going to happen for most gaming websites though. I’m just blogging to help us troubleshooting if someone has a big issue with it.

TwitchPress Ultimate Members Extension new role sync changes June 2018

The PHP in this above shows that the UM extension will loop through all of a users roles (they will usually have a single role) which are also paired with Twitch subscription plans. In theory, this should never be required but is a precaution to prevent a situation where users are granted multiple roles within the TwitchPress system.

Channel Not Confirmed

Channel Not Confirmed

This error was meant to indicate that the giving channel has not been entered properly but right now it also appears if the user_read permission has not been granted in scopes.

In April 2018 two users complained about seeing this notice after a plugin update. The solution is to complete the Setup Wizard again and apply user_read, unless the spelling of the channel is the issue.

TwitchPress Channel Not Confirmed