Up until January 2021, the development of TwitchPress focused on delivering a core plugin that can be adapted easily by other developers. Development going forward will deliver a lot more content-building features, Twitch chat interaction, Twitch bot commands and more.

Popular Features

Twitch Login
Use a shortcode anywhere on WordPreee to offer a Sign into WordPress button.

Twitch Registration
Auto-register new Twitch visitors as WP users easily and sync profile data between Twitch and WP.

Embed Stream & Chat
Embed an unlimited number of live streams and chat on pages using a simple shortcode.

Custom Subscriber Roles
Twitch subscriber tiers become available as roles so you can select them in membership plugins.

Many More Shortcodes
Display individual values, game data, channel status, videos, clips and much more.

Channel Posts
Offer your team or even subscribers their own automatically generated post, based on Twitch data.

Pro Features

Professional level features are included in the free WordPress.org plugin.

Advanced Shortcode
One shortcode can display any Twitch data using a range of parameters.

Screen-Wide Split-Screen
Display two streams side-by-side across the entire width of the screen.

Subscriber-Only Pages
Create landing pages that encourage subscriptions by locking an unlimited number of pages and posts.

Subscriber-Only Shortcode
Hide discount codes or download links or any parts of a page/post content using a shortcode wrapper.

Follower Only Content
Hide those gaming guides and encourage visitors to follow you on Twitch.

Channel List Shortcode
An expanding shortcode that lists channels for games and teams.

Webhooks System
Create and manage webhooks that update your blog with Twitch.tv events.

Plugins Technical Abilities…

These are high levels of customization within TwitchPress with a little technical knowledge.

Advanced Shortcode
I created a one-shortcode design to add increased validation and easier management of content.

Unlimited Redirects
My approach differs from most (possibly all) other plugins by not limiting re-directs from Twitch.

Streamlabs API
Streamlabs integration offers little content at this time but its integration is ready for new features.

Really, just a work in progress but Twitter will be one of the services used within the giveaway system.

As with Twitter API, the YouTube API is also present in the plugin but offers little at this time.

There is little demand for Discord integration but the work was recently been started.

Visitor oAuth2 Permissions
Configure the scope of permissions to ask visitors for when they sign-in using Twitch.

Personal oAuth2 Permissions
Your channel (main) has a separate scope of permissions to limit the power of the token stored on your database.

Streams By Username
We can display specific channel information and live streams by Twitch username.

Streams by Games
Enter any game ID from Twitch.tv to display live broadcasts playing that game, right now.

Define Content Limits
TwitchPress will display the exact number of streams and/or channel profiles you need.

My plugin stores content generated using Twitch data to reduce calls to the API and speed-up page loading.

Quick Tools
Quick tools can be created quickly for admin actions or even just testing functionality.

API Logging
An effort is being made to make it easier to see exactly what WordPress and the Twitch API are doing.

Debugging and diagnostic features are is always growing. These will be used to monitor all API’s not just Twitch.

Twitch Chat Bot
The plugin is ready to send messages to your channels chat.